Got flowers in my hair

Wow I tell you here in Austria the weather last week was awesome!
It was like in summer so I had to go and take some photos with my friends (; 
Kind of fairy- like? 

And one thing left: 10 days no school I mean 10 DAYS! 
I just love it (; 
Really looking forward to all the movie evenings with my friends and 
all stuff like that, photo sessions and so on you know.

So, enjoy your week!

with so much love



Last week I found something I must have : a heart silicone chocolate tray from Accessorize (: 
To make the pink hearts I took a white chocolate and gave some red color in it,
 I did the same with the cream (: 

with so much love


When the sun comes out

I can't believe that the weather is that awesome! I got summer feelings right now!
A few pictures of a part of my weekend, I mean shorts in march? 
I hope the weather won't change because I love the sun (:
Everybody is just so happy when only a few rays of sun reach us!
So, back to some schoolwork, I hope you had a great weekend too.

with so much love


Moustache & Strawberries

Well, some pictures of this stunning weekend (: 
My sweetie Sarah and I made a moustache shirt, a friends work (:
The rest of the evening we were watching TV or eating -kind of my favorite hobby! rofl (;
You know, nothing's better than chocolate-strawberries, smoothies, cookies 
and some fashion magazines (: 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend (:

with so much love


Glitter and feathers

Bought those sweet feather earrings form Claire's and made some Glitter-nails (:
Sweeties I just cannot believe it's weekend! (: 
love you all (; 

with so much love


Found myself again

Looks like it works, next post after two days (;
Thank God it's friday and I'm completely exhausted !
Got this fantastic fur-jacket from Zara, I nearly feel animalistic in it (;
I'm really lookin' forward to this awesome long weekend, just can't wait (:

wit so much love ,


Beauty comes from inside

Hey sweeties, I'm back. Hopefully. Just to tell you, I'm really sorry I had no time for blogging in the last few weeks, from now on I'll try to blog regularly again, at least two post a week (: Probably I'm going to chance my blog's design again, but that has to wait- not enough time at the moment. I have so many ideas, which have to be taken down on a piece of paper and my camera just shouts for some new pictures- like me!! I also hope my sweet readers are still interested in my posts, I'll give my best!
Away from the unimportant things - let's talk about beauty. If you hear beauty the first thing you normally think about is perfection. Perfection outside- a wonderful face or a good body. But for me beauty means something else, for me beauty is vitality, strength and all those thousand good characteristics you can have. For me beauty comes from inside! 

See you soon (hopefully),
with so much love,


Stop being afraid and start living

Stop being afraid and start living
This is a great start to enjoy life 'cause you only live once !
Try it out yourself (;
I want to thank Lilly, Juliette and Vanessa for the Blogawards, this means so much to me! 

Some new pieces (:

with love,